Weezer On Broadway : Announces Five-Night Residency at Broadway Theatre

Subsequent to assuming control over the radio wireless transmissions throughout the previous 30 years and selling platinum collection after platinum collection,

Weezer is moving their show to Broadway. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that we want to be making a declaration that the band was doing a show à la Green Day's American Idiot

that is tragically not the situation. Be that as it may, on the brilliant side, the melodic legends will be continuing in the strides of other loved entertainers like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen

as they will be assuming control over the Broadway Theater starting September 13 for a five-show residency.

The performers took to their Twitter account today to report the run which is being named: SZNZ: In Residence on Broadway.

On the off chance that you love the musical crew, you won't have any desire to miss a moment of these exhibitions and maybe may try

and need to purchase passes to each of the five evenings as, similar to Phish's yearly New Year's Eve takeover at Madison Square Garden,

no two shows will be something similar. Weezer plans to split each set up into various tunes from their SZNZ collections as follows:,

SZNZ Spring on September 13, SZNZ Summer on September 14, SZNZ Autumn on September 16, SZNZ Winter on September 17,

and a reprise execution that will mix different titles from each gathering of the EP on September 19. Be that as it may, stand by