A Nearly Normal Family: Netflix Drops Gripping Trailer for Swedish Crime Drama

A Nearly Normal Family

Netflix has unveiled a captivating trailer for its upcoming Swedish crime drama series, A Nearly Normal Family. Based on the bestselling novel by Mattias Edvardsson, the six-part series promises a suspenseful tale of family secrets, betrayal, and murder.

The trailer opens with a seemingly idyllic image of the Sandell family – priest Adam, lawyer Ulrika, and their teenage daughter Stella – living a peaceful life in a tranquil suburb. However, their idyllic existence is shattered when Stella is accused of murder.

As the investigation intensifies and evidence mounts against Stella, the Sandell family’s carefully constructed façade begins to crumble. Their relationships are strained, their trust is tested, and they are forced to confront the dark secrets that have long haunted them.

The trailer features a tense and atmospheric score, and its fast-paced editing keeps the viewer hooked from start to finish. The performances from the cast, including Björn Bengtsson as the conflicted Adam, Lo Kauppi as the determined Ulrika, and Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors as the troubled Stella, are all strong and believable.

A Nearly Normal Family is set to premiere on Netflix on November 24, 2023. It is sure to be a captivating and suspenseful addition to the streaming giant’s lineup of crime dramas.


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